Opened 2008 About Ko

We value your safety and the safety of our staff. We will be practicing enhanced safety protocol in accordance with our Company Safety Manual. We respectfully require our guests to wear face masks and observe social distancing guidelines. 

Starting Tuesday January 19th, Ko will be reviving Ver. II of our KO EXTRA PLACE menu.

KO EXTRA PLACE first began in Summer of 2020 as an outdoor pop-up menu featuring a la carte options as well as a 5-course Tasting Menu of Ko classics. Our new outdoor dining area, located in the historic alley of Extra Place, is well-ventilated and heated, with generously-distanced tables.

Ko has two Michelin stars, which it has maintained since 2009.
In 2015, Ko was awarded three stars by the New York Times.
In 2018, Ko was ranked No. 76 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.