our team Ko

Head Dishwasher

Abraham Carrillo

Dishwasher 2

Jovanny Reyes

Dishwasher 3

Manuel Rosado


Zoë Spanbroek

Line Cooks

Amir Dholakia
Jesse Kim
Michael Brogan
Yara Herrera

Lead Host

This could be you?

Mise en Place Servers

Mariela de Leon Santos

Beverage Servers

Becky Radolf
Lauren Tran
Nicole Wittenstein


Eunice Choi
Sean Sweeney

Agent of Chaos

Chris Holt

Private Events

Hoagie Roste

(V.I.P. – Very Important Puppy)

Sabrina Roste


Mayumi Tateishi

Front of House Managers

Gabrielle Nurnberger
Kseniya Sheleg
Sarah Chun

Beverage Manager

Arthur Hon

Sous Chefs

Bryce Campbell
Esther Ha

Executive Sous Chef

Jonas Offenbach

General Manager

Su Wong Ruiz

Executive Chef

Sean Alex Gray